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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Understanding "The Secret"

Today I watched a local talk show called "Good Things Utah" where they talked about "The Secret." And it was clear to me that the ladies talking about it, just didn't get it. When talking about the principle of "acting as if" they said that that must mean that if you want to be a millionaire that you go out and buy expensive things, because that is what millionaires do. And then they said that was a dumb idea because if they did that then they would actually be poorer because they would be deeper in debt. BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT MILLIONAIRES DO! Millionaires don't buy things they can't afford. Millionaires don't "max out" their credit cards. So how DO you act like a millionaire. I suggest you try much more subtle things like asking yourself questions like these:
If I had a million dollars, how would I walk, and how would I breathe?
If I had a million dollars, what books would I read and who would I hang around with?
If I had a million dollars, what charities would I support?
And most important of all I would ask, "what does it FEEL like to be a millionaire?" And then choose to feel that way now!

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