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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's in a name? Plenty!

Shakespeare said that a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet. What do you think? Does it matter what the name of something is? The law of attraction teaches us that thoughts are things, and that words are very powerful.

I have recently gotten involved in a new business venture where I work with a lot of other companies, and it fascinates me to see that there often seems to be a relationship between the name of a company and how well the company does. For example, there is a plumbing company I know of that thought that they would be really creative with the their company name, and came up with the name "In Hot Water." That's right, they call themselves, In Hot Water! Well they may have come up with a name that is easy to remember, but the company is really struggling. It seem that the company truly is in hot water.

On the other hand, I know of two companies, in totally different fields, that begin the name of their companies with "A-Plus _____." And both of these companies are really thriving! Go figure!

We all know of the hit TV show called Everybody Loves Raymond. It was a huge success that still plays in reruns. But a show called Everybody Hates Chris, didn't do so well, hmmm.

Suddenly it's not so funny to call a truck selling prepared meals a "roach coach" is it?

Thoughts are things, words are powerful and names make a difference.